kali media mission and values


    kali values

    - We represent our target audience in an honest and authentic light, aiming for true expression and affirmation of their humanity.

     - We respect ourselves and the value of every woman who we represent or come in contact with.

    - We support authentic self-expression, with little room for judgement or shaming of women.

    - We affirm that women can be the captains of their own ships and promote pursuit of one’s best life.

    - We promote sisterhood, and the bonds that only female friendships and relationships can provide.

    - We believe that every woman has a story to tell and that story is worth being heard.

    - We deliver the most innovative and entertaining content about women in East Africa.  

    Kali Women

    kali culture

    - Kali is a safe space for individuals to be who they really are.

    - Kali appreciates edge; we are comfortable coloring outside the lines.

    - Kali is enthusiastic about life and the work we do and provide.

    - Kali is authentic and real, even when it is ugly.

    - Kali gets s*** done.