Founder's Blog: My Company Had Its First Piece Of Press! Here Are 7 Things I Learned


Last week I was featured in the Daily Nation, one of Kenya’s big national papers. In the feature, I was able to indirectly talk about Kali Media — but it was essentially the company’s first piece of press!

I’m claiming it!

A journalist friend I met at a networking event years ago, Daisy Okoti, reached out to me and asked to feature me in a story she was doing about millennials and globalization.

Now, as a journalist myself, I have ALWAYS said no to anything press related unless a friend was asking (even then I’d more than likely say no).

But I now have this business to push, and that’s a game changer. So I told Daisy I could only be involved if I could at least mention Kali Media.

She agreed.

So what did I learn from this experience? Here are 7 things: