(Kiswahili; East Africa)
       Adj. bad-ass; rebel; fierce

about Kali


Kali Media creates stories for and about young East African women.
We capture the full spectrum of a fearless generation of women looking for stories that reflect their trailblazing spirit.

"We are Nobel Peace Prize winners. We are Oscar winners. We are mothers. WE are daughters. We are sisters...And that’s just the start!"


The stories that get told — and who gets to tell them— directly shape the identities of a society, studies show. With women making up less than a third of media coverage in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, our narratives are often limited to extremes.

Kali Media is invested in shifting the cultural paradigms of media messaging that often negatively impact women. We are invested in showing the lives of East African women.

Because, frankly, we are badass!